Miss Kamloops
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Miss Kamloops

Committee members volunteer their time to organize the program's events, to coordinate the training of the candidates, and to supervise the ambassadors throughout their reign:
Teresa Dares, Lisa Russell, Pangilinan Schmietenknop, Shirley Forsyth, Lisa Verity, Tess Russell, Carmelina Woods, Jennifer Harbaruk, Courtney Urena, Tara Keigher

Classes offered by the Kamloops Ambassador Society are taught by the following group of committed facilitators:

Kamloops Tourism
Kamloops Interests
Bryce Herman
Bryce Herman
Courtney Urena
Cheryl Blackwell
Mayor of Kamloops City Affairs
Natalie Sanesh Self Image
Teresa Dares Orientation to the program
Don Anderson Employment Relations
RCMP Street Awareness
Jen Turnball Toastmaster
Pangilinan Schmietenknop Speech
Richard Woods Media Skills
Josh Keller University Prep

Miss Kamloops

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